Boatbuilders Woody Garage Sale


This is a once in a long-time chance – Salthouse Boatbuilders are having a clean up and the word from the ‘boss’, Delayne Salthouse, is get rid of it. So woodys this is an invite to pop down to the Salthouse Yard this Saturday (9th) between 10am and 2pm and grab a bargain. Cash only but we are talking rock-bottom clearance prices e.g. some might be in the low hundreds and others in the low low dollars, some even free to a good home for selected expired stock 😉
Woody David Cooke, will be firing up the BBQ – good old fashioned bangers-in-bread. 
The photos above are only to give a peek of what’s on sale, there is a lot more to be added in the next few days. As they say “one man’s trash is another mans gold” 🙂
ADDRESS: Salthouse Boatbuilders, 84 Rame Rd, Greenhithe, Auckland 0632
WHEN: This Saturday, 9th November (note: no prior viewing)
TIME: > 2pm


4 thoughts on “Boatbuilders Woody Garage Sale

  1. Yes Thank you,it was one of the first things I did,but no response as yet, I,m now looking at getting a replacement made and I hope he maybe plans for the rudder somewhere


  2. Errol, make sure you touch base with all local metal recyclers. Judging from what goes missing from building sites, they don’t seem to be too concerned where stuff comes from.


  3. Hi, my name is Errol Keegan and I’m at 72-year-old fellow who is reasonably au fait with into web and am recent member and certainly unsure on how to log photos etc of my 1978 34 ft Carl Augustin bonito planning launch that I have owned since 1993 and I am in the processes of refitting.Unfortunately my car was recently stolen from A supermarket car park but the worst thing is it had my rudder and housing tube in the boot and wondered if you know of anyone who would have plans on rudder for this type of boat
    regards Errol (02) 7494 9804


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