Victory A8




A great photo above of Victory (I hope my record of sail #’s is correct). This and the bottom photo were sent to me by Mike McGehan. The first woody that can correctly name the 3 yachts (L>R) in the bottom photos wins a waitematawoody t-shirt.
Entries via any way – comments box ofr email to
HDK will be the judge of the correct names 🙂
Mondays WW story is a very special look at the NZ wooden boating scene from a visitors eye/camera – the owner of the camera is none other than the world’s leading classic wooden boat photographer  – Benjamin Mendlowitz. Ben’s talents are second to none and you will see a gallery of some of our finest woodys presented like never before. This access has been granted to WW by the team at Off Center Harbor. Lots more details tomorrow 😉

10 thoughts on “Victory A8

  1. Although very late to this forum – I happen to be the great great (great?? maybe??) grand daughter of Hector George. I am currently putting together some family tree’s/digging up information on my heritage and would love to speak to you Geoff Brebner!


  2. Geoff I sailed on Victory between 1957 and 1963. I cannot recall now why I was not on that fateful cruise. I think I may have agreed to go sailing with my father on his keeler Scout C2.
    I am doing a biography on Harold. Would you have any photos of him?.


  3. There’s four boats in shot – Tawera for sure, Ngataringa, Arohia behind them? Not sure who is further back.


  4. Many fond memories of Victory and her crusty owner Harold George.As a young fella did a few cruises in her, no sheet or halyard winches, no engine, no outboard for the dinghy,no mod cons.I recall when she suffered a gas explosion at Gt Barrier Easter 1963, I was going to go,but being recently married, was sternly forbidden going by my mother-in-law. My sister Joan was married to Harold’s nephew Hector George.


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