Artono + Mystery Launch

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 4.11.42 PM


The launch on the left is Artono, owned at the time by Arthur, Tommy & Nole Cole. The location is the Puhoi River.
What more do we about Artono and the mystery launch on her right?
Photo ex Lew Redwood’s fb

8 thoughts on “Artono + Mystery Launch

  1. I remember Needle down in the viaduct late 80s. One image of her stuck in my mind is of a local viaduct resident Duck as he was known sitting in Needles cockpit knocking back a bottle of rum i presume (less the thinners). All whilst stuck aground on the big shallow patch of mud that caught many out in viauct days of old.


  2. I wonder if the one with the duck arse is the Needle. Last saw her out at the barrier mid 80’s


  3. I have seen pictures of one of those torpedo stern launches on the waikato river in the late 1920’s and there was one in the Sulphur Point slipway in the 1960’s which was named “Styx” and had been a net fisherman from Kati Kati. I later saw her in the Western Viaduct still named Styx


  4. Myrtle Rowan was washed overboard in the Rangitoto Channel in high seas in January 1914.and Robert Gordon drowned trying to save her, From a photo in the press ARTONO was in the same form as in the above pic. I haven’t found a pic of her when game-fishing in the Bay of Plenty but it’s very likely she had grown a cabin-top by then.


  5. Harold- there must have been two Artonos, because there is one that pops up often with a reasonably ugly square cabin? Various reports of a man or two drowning off her in Auckland etc.


  6. ARTONO was built by Jas Reid for himself as MADGE (his daughter) in November/December 1911. She was 35′ x 7′ and had a 24hp Regal engine for which Reid was the agent. Reid sold her in November 1912 to R Wood & A & T Cole who renamed her ARTONO and installed a bigger Regal. Anderson & Kingston bought her in 1921 and she went to Tauranga for gamefishing under Alec White c1936.
    The little launch to her starboard side is a typical torpedo stern skinny launch of the 1904-7 period. She’s quite like the Bailey & Lowe BANSHEE of 1907 but could be any one of dozens of similar launches. Because she has grown a dodger the pic is probably post-WW1.


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