A Woody Fiordland Cruise 






A Woody Fiordland Cruise 
Todays photos are from Dean Wright who has just spent 2 weeks mooching around the Fiordland aboard Monowai III, owned by Andy and Brenda Bell. The Bell’s are part way thru their fourth circumnavigation of the South Island. I will do a feature on Monowai III, soon.
Dean & partner Deb have tagged along on their adventures twice now, last year two weeks exploring Stewart Island, and this year two weeks in Fiordland.
Above is a collection of mostly work boat woodys that Dean photographed on the trip – below is a photo of a 65’ fibreglass bad boy snuck in there, punching its was around to Preservation Inlet  🙂

9 thoughts on “A Woody Fiordland Cruise 

  1. Parimar back doing what she does best..in charter with Mark Kruishoop to augment takapu. I will miss her.


  2. Parimar (beside Takapu) coming up to 50 yrs and still looking fantastic. M&T s finest work in my opinion. You would swear she’s glass or steel.


  3. Sure does, skipper! That is Takapu (ex HMNZS Kahawai over which there has been confusion because two MLs were named Kahawai by the Navy at varying times -ML1188 and ML 1191
    HMNZS Kahawai (ML 1191) was P3553 and was renamed back to Takapu when sold out of the RNZN 1984 so they could retain the name.
    At that time Takapu (ML 1188) was renamed HMNZS Kahawai P3556 and was allocated to the Otago RNZNVR in 1980. She was sold out of service 1985 to be rebuilt for charter out of Whakatane and Tauranga. So now you know, rivet counters and anorak wearers!


  4. Ooh! Brings back a few memories. Just over a year since Trinidad travelled in that part of the world. Seas can be pretty wild and mesmerizing around Preservation Inlet, most southern of the Fiords.


  5. The blue hulled vessel in a couple of the pics looks as if she might be an ex-HDML???


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