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Being built in 1978 Chalyn certainly slides into the Spirit of Tradition category, and there are not a lot of those on WW – what twisted my arm was the 1 1/4” kauri planked hull, with ribs every 6” – she is built like the proverbial brick out house. 
She is listed for sale on trademe and being sold as her two aging brother owners have reached a stage where maintaining a 52’ wooden boat with a 14’ beam is too much for them. 
Power is via a 318hp Detroit diesel that sees her cruising at 10 knots with a 12 knot top speed.
I know everyone has their own view on beauty and practicability but Jason Prew with a battery powered tungsten tipped mini skill-saw could do wonders for her looks 😉

3 thoughts on “Chalyn

  1. Hello Woody Folks,

    Do you have a preferred ‘classic’ insurer?

    When finding an old classic to restore what sort of insurance is usually applied?

    With thanks.


    John B.

    John Burns.

    On Sat, 23 Feb 2019, 00:06 #1 for classic wooden bo


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