Lily + Woody Events

Lily a



Todays vessel is the ex work boat Lily, seen in the above Nelson photos, ex John Burland, on-route to getting some TLC and post the TCL awaiting the tide.
Can anyone tell us more about Lily?
This year the Lake Rotoiti – Nelson Lakes event celebrates its 20th Anniversary and organisers are predicting a record turnout. Everything going right I’ll be there with the camera so if you are not ‘down south’ rest easy, you will get to experience the show vicariously 🙂
A quick heads up for CYA launch owners – this Sunday we have a brunch cruise to the pub.
High water is approx. 12:07pm so we will be sliding up the creek around 10:30am.
For those who keep their boats citywide of the Harbour Bridge, there will be a gathering near the bridge with a departure from there at 9:30am
Normal rules – Indian file up the creek & bring a dinghy to get to the pontoon. Its a big tide i.e. 3.5m BUT that also means a very swallow low water.

2 thoughts on “Lily + Woody Events

  1. Hi Alan, My son Chris and I are the new owners of Phyllis M, a boat which you are familiar with. We are faced with restoring her to some degree of respectability and are currently fitting a number of sister ribs.

    We are looking for someone to go to for advice regarding boat nailing, caulking and painting (to start with). Is there any chance you can supply us with contact details of anyone likely to be of assistance? Is Keith Munro still around? What about Harold Kidd?

    Cheers, Grant.

    Hi Grant – Yes KM is around, as is HDK but they would not be the best to consult – I suggest you make contact with the New Zealand Traditional Boatbuilding School, they run courses on caulking. The other option would be to sign up / subscribe to the USA based vBlog they have an amazing collection of wooden boat video tutorials that cover all of what you are looking for.
    Cheers Alan

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