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Today’s woody is Aheahea – a 26’, c.1960 kauri carvel launch. She is powered by a BMC 1500cc marinised diesel that puts out 35hp.

Her current home is Motouapa marina, 10 minutes north of Turangi. (North Island). The trademe listing states that she has had some serious TLC in the last few years.

No details on designer / builder but I’m sure someone will be able to enlighten us on her past. Could be low cost floating man-bach for someone looking for a lakes bolthole 🙂

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Yesterday waitemata woodys was featured on the hugely popular USA based, international wooden boating website offcenterharbor.com , this resulted in the number of people viewing on a single day increasing x10. For the 1st time, NZ was in second place behind the USA, with Canada (and surprisingly) Finland 3rd and 4th. USA views were nearly 2>1 against NZ.
If you have not checked out the OCH website, I encourage you to have a peek. Now if you like it, you’ll have to subscribe – its only US$34 for a year & there are 100’s of videos featured – everything from boat reviews, ‘how to’ tutorials on repairs / maintenance / boat building / boat handling etc + thousands of photos of cool wooden boats worldwide.
There will be a lot of kiwi content appearing on OCH very soon, so sign up 😉
Click the link below to take you to a very cool OCH video of Steve Horsley’s classic woody Ngatira – filmed at the 2017 regatta +  10 video’s from OCH you can watch, its a chance to preview the site before you sign up 😉
Mahurangi PBsplash


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