A Woody Picnic – 1963 & Today

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A Woody Picnic

A collection of photos today recording the Devonport Yacht Club annual picnics, some are dateD March 1963 but there appears to be a mix of two venues – probably Islington Bay and Motuihe Island.

The photos come to us from Mitchell Hutchings fb page.

The challenge today is to Chris Leech to ID some of the craft. Nathan Herbert has already commented that in the 2nd photo above, the launch on the left is Lady Mary, before the addition of her dodger/wheelhouse + flying bridge.

Input from Chris Leech – 1st photo shows Sundowner being bought to the DYC for launching. The 2nd is of her afloat

The 3rd & 4th are of Southern Belle post the fire and as restored
WAITANGI DAY PICNIC REMINDER TODAY – CYA Picnic at Motuihe Island today,  happening around midday – weather will decide which side. Look out for the big CYA flag on the beach. 
Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 10.00.26 AM


8 thoughts on “A Woody Picnic – 1963 & Today

  1. Alan / Graham – I spoke this morning with Peter Soljack (Barney’s son) and he confirmed the Southern Belle was launched as a Ketch, and the picture of her post repairs as a sloop was only short lived, as a new mizzen mast was made, the original burned out in the fire. In the photo showing the aftermath of the fire, and what small appears to be a small boom on the port side


  2. Second pic has the launch Islay in the foreground in front of a Jim Young cat with maybe the Tumlaren Valiant further back.


  3. Correction – The owner of Sundowner was Pud Dixon, not Rud Nicks. There is a great story about her being hit by Marco Polo on the moorings in Torpedo Bay in the book – Devonport Yacht Club – A Centennial History (Tony Armit)


  4. The boat with the bunting flying is perhaps Sundowner – R Nicks ??. Southern Belle was not a Ketch ??


  5. Barney Soljak’s Southern Belle is the ketch with all the bunting flying. She’d have been fairly new then.


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