Boatbuilding School Looking For New Home

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Boatbuilding School Looking For New Home – Can You or Anyone You Know Help Out?

The New Zealand Traditional Boatbuilding School is on the lookout for new premises that will allow the delivery of an exciting new chapter of services to the broader wooden boating fraternity and other practically minded members of the public.
The Trustees have acknowledged that times are changing in the wooden and traditional boating world and are looking to bring a more inclusive program together in 2019 and beyond, while also maintaining the essential skills required to preserve traditional vessels.
To facilitate the new direction, more appropriate premises are being sought with workshop space of at least 150m2 and ideally reasonable facilities to hold small lectures.
Perhaps someone in the broader community knows of a suitable space? This may even be part of a larger facility under utilised by the current tenant or owner.
Interested parties in the first instance should contact Colin Pawson at  

5 thoughts on “Boatbuilding School Looking For New Home

  1. Have you found a place. I pay $130.00 a week for a big shed about 50ft × 20ft at the spanfarm boatyard. Great place it has a boat ramp on site and a fishing club. ring Jeff the new owner he is a very approachable chap. My shed should be coming up if I ever Finnish refitting this carvel planked boat. I think one other maybe coming up for rent as well.


  2. How about in the old Foster’s building, I believe that is sitting empty? John Street is a great supporter of traditional boats
    Parking would not be so easy tho…..


  3. Kestrel has been moved closer to the breakers yard. Not far from where Rapaki is getting recycled. So it’s only matter of time.
    Vos site is getting work done.
    The logical place for the boat building school.
    But logic doesnt gel with auckland council and thr buddies panuku.


  4. Build a boat shed on the Kestrel. If you don’t she will be disposed of just like the Rapaki. Shame on the so called Maritime Museum and Auckland Council. The Lyttelton community trusted Auckland to look after their ship. They like me will be feeling very let down by an organization that should be preserving our maritime history. Vandalism in the name and for the sake of the confounded Americas Cup. Please don’t visit or support the Maritime Museum in Auckland..


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