No Varnish Today :-)


No Varnish Today 🙂

I received an email from Jake Bradshaw yesterday, Jake is from Southland, for the non Kiwi woodys that’s the bottom of the South Island. Jake was asking if any WW followers may know the  hull design of the woody runabout above that he has just acquired. The boat is 12’ & appears to have a marinised Vauxhall motor, from what Jake can work out.
And when a woody dies – the photo below is where we hope we will end up – looks like boating heaven.
Boat Heaven

8 thoughts on “No Varnish Today :-)

  1. Could be a Sprite with a plain transom or a lengthened ‘New Glide’. Hartleys can be any length as you can stretch them by spacing the frames from mid point back further apart and/ or adding extra frames. The Sprite and the Glide have 5 frames plus the transom STD and there are two side stringers plus the chine rails and the gunwale (top) rail. There are also 3 diagonal bottom stringers at the bow from the keel back to the chine (shortest in front to the chine about half way between frame 1+2. Second from keel back to chine about half way between frames 2+3 and third from keel back to chine about half way between frames 3+4) 3 bottom stringers finish at the 3rd diagonal
    This could describe a number of boats of this size as people quite often modified plans to suit their personal tastes or requirements but might give an idea. Good chance it’s a Sprite, Glide or as Murray suggested Jim Young Hi Fi. Doesn’t look shallow enough for a Pelin and small Augustins from memory had little flare. Hartleys also had a bit of a ‘Çlipper’ bow.


  2. Thanks very much guys making great progress on the resto job iv Been doing the seats this week it’s very much turned into a classic speed boat looking now
    Still not sure on the design hartley sprits is close but its 13ft not 12ft n the bits on the sides dont go all the way to the front etha way I’m proud shes getting a few life


  3. Possibly a Hartley 12’6″ ‘New Glide’ (beam 5’10” ?). Designed around 1970? The 12’6″ ‘Sprite’ was for O/B power (raked transom) and ‘New Glide’was for inboard (vertical transom). Just looking at my old 1972 Hartley catalogue.


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