Auckland Woody Fishing Fleet



Auckland Woody Fishing Fleet

Woody Simon Smith sent in the above b/w photos, showcasing some of Auckland’s fishing fleet – registration numbers that I can ID are – 1696 , AK1789 ,  AK29 , & Emerald ?
What do we think the date is? Interesting that there is so many in port at one time.
An Other Block of Flats Contender
My post a few weeks ago on this topic created a lot of chat, the boat below isn’t a woody but it really is closer to an apartment than a boat. You would have to assume that it wasn’t designed by a boatie.
I would be a little bit worried about the boats ratio of above & below the water 😦
Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 7.12.16 AM
Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 7.12.31 AM

10 thoughts on “Auckland Woody Fishing Fleet

  1. Maude, Mabel and Mavis, Anyone have any information on these/ in particular the story of Robin, who, whilst disabled physically, would sail every week out of Westhaven ( around the mid seventies) Regards. Peter Grant


  2. “Gleesons Family Hotel” better known as “The House of Glee” and “Julians Wall” was built about 1913-15 so the viaduct came around then.


  3. A bit confused here.I always believed Winstone’s main sand & shingle depot was in Freeman’s Bay predating the Western Viaduct. Was there when I was a youngster. J J Craig’s yard was at the eastern end of the main wharf area. So where is the Viaduct in the photo?What year was the Viaduct built? I know the Hobson Wharf was built around 1937-38..and the Viaduct was there long before that. Have we got the dates right (WW2) ?


  4. Now THAT’S a contender for the BOF Trophy! All styling and no substance. Alarmingly there are getting to be a few similar ones around.
    There’s process to that look; originally this ‘orrible example’s maker would have produced a lower model, with a “downstairs” helm position and an open flying bridge. Next model has the flying bridge closed in with a hard top. Then this one has its so-called sun deck closed in. What comes next I dunno, but I don’t want to be there when it happens!
    The original hull was (probably) designed by a NA, but all the rest was done by teams from the Sales & Marketing Dept., with help(?) from some narcissist stylist. Those guys of course know nothing about centers of gravity, angles of heel, stability calculations etc.


  5. The fishermen have probably wandered over to the Gleesons Family Hotel for some RnR until the weather clears……


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