Mystery Boat – Wairoa District



Today’s photo comes to us from one of Bruno Redwood’s old fb posts, sadly Bruno (brother of Lew) passed away recently.
The photo shows a group of day trippers, possibly on Lake Waikaremoana c.1880’s
Anyone able to ID the boat & confirm the location?
Harold Kidd Input – KAHURANGI, built for the Goverrnment Tourist Bureau for use on Lake Waikaremoana by Logan Bros August 1903, 36ft loa 10hp Union engine.
The photo below was sent to me yesterday by woody – Tim Evill, Tim was out fishing in the middle of the gulf between Rocky Bay and Maraetai & spotted a bouy in the water (11m depth) on closer inspection there was a yacht attached to it – anyone able to tell us what was at the end of the mast & how it got there?
Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 10.37.27 AM

7 thoughts on “Mystery Boat – Wairoa District

  1. Re sunken yacht. Position is Lat 36 50′ 262 long 175 01′ 217 (1.44 NM SSE of Kennedy Pt Waiheke) according to maritime warning, if any one’s heading that way. No description of yacht.


  2. The mystery boat is definitely at Waikaremoana – Home Bay or Opourau Bay. Seriously doubt the photo is c.1880s however as the first boats did not arrive until very early 1900s


  3. Coastguard had a warning out about it during Labour Weekend just past. Don’t know anything else about it, but CG might


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