East Wind + A woody weekend


East Wind
In a recent WW story the Lake Rotoiti location of ‘Honeymoon Bay’ was mentioned, this prompted woody Paul Drake to send in the above photo (dated Feb 2017) of one of his families lake boats – East Wind. She has been in the their ownership for nearly 50 years but little is known about her provenance.
Looking For A Woody Experience This Weekend?
It has become a bit of a tradition that on the weekend following the Auckland on the water boat show the team at the Tino Rawa Trust host a classic boating event at Auckland’s Viaduct (Karanga Plaza, at the waterfront end of Halsey St.). This years theme / focus is the New Zealand sailing dinghy. The event is open to the public on Friday 5th, Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th October | 10am to 4pm and entry is free.
These exhibitions are always a not to be missed gig on the classic woody calendar, so do make an effort to visit and see the cream of our small classic fleet on display. Details below 
Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 8.04.31 PM

3 thoughts on “East Wind + A woody weekend

  1. Baden is only one of many who come down to say hi to our little fleet every time they pass through Taupo. I encounter people all the time who tell me they have been visiting for many years and are always pleased to see the colourful little boats alive and well. Just the other day I was accosted by a four year old girl who was admiring the boats with mother and grandfather. “Can we have that boat? ” she asked. I asked her which one she had in mind and was not surprised when I learned that it was EAST WIND she had become instantly besotted with. From time to time I suggest to the Harbour Master and staff that our boats are such a major visitor attraction that probably a discount on the berth hire would be in order. They just smile nicely and change the subject.

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  2. Every time I go to Taupo I have to go down and say hi to this lovely little fleet. You people add so much to the landscape down at the marina. Keep up the great work with these little gems


  3. Hello Paul. In late 1971 Nigel and I spent a day trolling from SIR FRANCIS. Such a pretty vessel. I like the way that you work together and keep the fleet so well maintained. All the best

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