Black Watch Sinks off Bayswater this morning

Just received the photo below of the 72′ HDML sinking of Bayswater marine, early this morning. She has been moored there for the last 10+ years. Will not be an easy salvage, & sadly I suspect this will be the end of her. (photo ex T Foh)

Earlier (2014) photo included.

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Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 8.28.41 AM

This HDML is about to go under the axe tomorrow at the hands of the Auckland Council. This was recently confirmed by the Harbour Master.
This sort of destruction of maritime heritage has to stop. The loss of HDMLs is becoming exponential.
Please get in touch with the Harbour Master, email address below, to at least delay this wanton act while we can at least try to do something.
Harbour Master
She was named Black Watch when the City Missioner had her in the ‘50s and the name was resurrected when she was finally sold out.
Bob McDougall has all the details in “NZ Naval Vessels”
As noted on WW she sank on her moorings off Bayswater Marina – dockside chat is that she was evidently sunk deliberately because she apparently needed no further pumping once re-floated – see video attached.
Russell Ward saw her on the Saturday a day before she sank and she was apparently OK then.
She is hauled out & will be vandalised pretty quick where she is by the looks.


22-08-2018 Update – Donna Lewis sent in the 2 photos below of Blackwatch. She took the photos of Blackwatch from our then home when her home was also Schoolhouse Bay, Kawau Island and she was in immaculate condition from a very attentive owner.

They are photos of photos so excuse the quality.
The photo bow in is taken in 1997 and photo bow out is taken in year 2000.

9 thoughts on “Black Watch Sinks off Bayswater this morning

  1. Cameron I enquired about it when it was advertised but the seller refused to allow a surveyor to look at it and stated numerous times that he was going to remove most fittings including deck lights, port lights, wheel, bow and stern rails even all the fuel from the tanks. So is it a wonder that it didn’t sell?


  2. Totally agree Cameron, and you also have Tamoure going backwards at 100mph at Greenhithe which is a real shame as after her rebuild she appeared half decent.


  3. To bring a boat of that size back from a sinking is a big ask. Engines currently stuffed. Wiring stuffed.
    Boat condition is more than likely crook. Remember they were never built to last as long as they have. And if it ever did get repaired to operational status where in auckland can a 72ft boat be kept economically kept? Auckland council do not want big boats on moorings anymore. They do not want any liability put onto themselves.
    She was on trademe in running floating state and nobody jumped at the chance. Sure if sombody with deep pockets really wants to restore another hdml then go for it. But reality and the economics is a killer.
    Sorry to be a doomsdayer. C


  4. Vos would be a perfect place for her, the following is a loose timeline from what is public: Summer 2018-19 renovation of shed to be complete. Stage 2: Gain tenants to help with costs. Stage 3 once leases have provided $$: Begin reinstatement of slipway. The slipway will certainly not be free or even particularly cheap, but one would hope that it will offer good value if we see stage 3 at all.


  5. Great news, the Harbour Master has allowed a stay of execution pending a proposal. I received a letter from Bob McDougall pointing out that in the ownership of The Jasper Calder Charity Trust in the late ’40s and early ’50s she took out many parties of disadvantaged people. There was a considerable involvement by some very senior NZ people including Sir Keith Park. She is thus an important part of Auckland City’s history. We are amassing a lot of her history now, thanks to Bob who knows so much about RNZN ships.


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