Mystery Launch & Location


Mystery Launch & Location

Todays photo is another from the fb page of Lew Redwood, & show a very fine looking launch nudged into the shoreline. The caption stated that the gent standing on the left is Richard Edgar Williams* & possible date is 1930.
The name on the bow could be Joan. There is an impressive number of people on-board, I counted 18, including children.
As to the location – I’m not sure, it looks very Whangaroa Harbour, but the ladder on the bow is a very lake set up. I’m sure someone will be able to shed some light on the name & location.
* from a quick google search – Williams was a Southern man, born in Dunedin in 1891. He had a keen interest I photography & mountaineering. So maybe the photo is located in Milford Sound?

8 thoughts on “Mystery Launch & Location

  1. Please excuse my venture into Cloud Cuckoo Land? I had DAWN on the brain for some reason.
    I’ll crawl back into my hole, contemplate my navel, and come back with an equally preposterous nerdy statement about a JOAN. Anyway, now that I’ve descended from the clouds, my farthing’s worth is that she’s on a lake.


  2. There have been many DAWNs. I suspect that this is the DAWN built at Plimmerton in 1928 by G. Groves for himself. That probably explains the unconventional configuration (for NZ). She looks like she should be on the Norfolk Broads rather than the Sounds were I think this image might have been taken.


  3. Doesn’t really look “fjordy” to me.
    The “ladder-over-the-bow” idea was used in the Marlborough Sounds, particularly by mail launches in the Pelorus.
    The scenery isn’t familiar to me, though.


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