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Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 2.46.15 pm


Mistral’s trademe listing does not tell us much other than she was built in 1947, measures approx. 23’, is powered by a LD 28 diesel engine (is that a Lombardini?).

She was refitted 5 years ago at an approx. cost of $30k. Home is Dunedin & there is a trailer, so would make a cool lake boat.

Any southern woodys able to tell us some more about Mistral?


4 thoughts on “Mistral

  1. Looking at the interior photo viewing forward.
    Construction appears to be sawn frames with seam battens.
    That cabin top suggests a US designer. Atkins?


  2. The LD28 is out of a Nissan sedan built in approx late 80’s. Pretty smooth and for a diesel, didn’t make to much noise once warmed up. Very popular in all sorts of conversions as the cars wore out and the engines were still good.


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