Spotted In Nelson



Spotted in Nelson

While Trinidad has been sitting in Nelson waiting for a weather window to start the 2nd leg of their circumnavigation Nelson > Milford Sound), Barbara Cooke has been sniffing around the marina with her phone camera. The two small woodys above are an interesting mix – one would like to think the clinker motorboat does not venture too far from port. The deflated dinghy along side is a worry 🙂

The canoe stern yacht on the other hand looks very salty.

Anyone able to ID these two woodys?


4 thoughts on “Spotted In Nelson

  1. I recently purchased Little Blue and would be grateful if anyone knows anything about her history or info? It has a Yanmar inboard diesel, 5.5m long, bout all i know. Top speed 6 knots 🙂


  2. The Hansen Spitsgatter is Saga’s sister ship. I can’t remember her name. They were built at the same time, early 60s I think. Saga, which belongs to Nigel Crisp, is my neighbour at Clyde Quay, Wellington. Saga is now for sale. Until a couple of years ago, Nigel would disappear for months at a time to the Sounds. He’d overnight at Island Bay, dash across, and if he didn’t make the tide, stay in the bay south of the entrance at Tory and wait his opportunity. It’s a great sea boat which can snug in anywhere. There’s a lot to be said for small keelers!


  3. The little blue one there looks awfully like one that lived in the Milford creek, that was owned by one of my old school teachers. I believe it had an Austin 7 for zoom zoom, but I could be wrong, LOL, the superstructure sure looks the same.


  4. I am almost sure that the little “spitzgatter” is the one that Per “Pop” Jorgensen brought out with him in knocked -down form when he migrated here from Denmark. Although meant as an open day-sailer originally, she was finished with a little cabin, though the one in the pic looks a bit bigger than I remember. If it is “Saga”, she has a couple of Cook Strait crossings under her belt, despite being only about 5 metres long.


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