While mooching around Queen Charlotte Sound, we dropped into the Bay of Many Coves Resort for brunch & a glass of bubbles (see below). The BOMC resort is a rather special spot in a stunning location.

While there the launch Tamoure tied up at the jetty – a brief chat uncovered that she was originally built by Jim Young for his personal use. I’m not normally a big fan of his boats, a tad too modern for me, but this one had a lot going for her.

Do we know anything more about her?


3 thoughts on “Tamoure

  1. This story of Tamoure is interesting to the Manthel Family as owners. The only correction is that Jim Young built the launch for Noel Manthel and has been in his family ever since. (1960-‘s) –The other most interesting coincidence is that the line drawing of the 1930 launch introducing this page is of the launch Rosemary M that was also owned by Noel Manthel of Wellington.The Rosemary M was commissioned during world war two by the NZ Navy and spent the war painted grey, fitted with a gun and a cockpit of depth charges as it patrolled the Wellington harbour. Following decomissioning the Rosemary M was sold and replaced by the Rosemary 2 . a forty foot triple skin Kauri launch built in Auckland by Shipbuilders Ltd. The Tamoure is still in the Manthel family and moored in the Picton Marina.


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