A Winter Project – Well maybe several winters……..



A Winter Project – Well maybe several winters……..

A WW follower sent me the above photos asking if I knew anything about the boat. All the seller has told him is its 28’, wooden & “needs a lot of work’. That would be the understatement of the year. I understand it’s being sold to recover unpaid storage fees.

So woodys, anyone recognize the launch?



7 thoughts on “A Winter Project – Well maybe several winters……..

  1. I spoke to Kevin about her some years ago when she was on TradeMe. I know Kevin well from the Antique Arms Ass of which he is the splendid secretary of the Auckland Branch. I left with the impression that she was the Slattery ESME, but I may have begged the question. Whatever, she well deserves a saviour.


  2. Yes, her name is Esme. She belonged to Kevin Hussey of Titirangi (my Step Uncle) for many years. She was moored just off the sea wall at HalfMoon Bay for years. He bought her and my Father did her up for him.
    Come on Heather… ask Dad to fill in the blanks!!


  3. Was briefly in our “stables “. Had name board ESME on transom.
    A nicer shaped hull than the Slattery Esme in my reserved opinion.


  4. I took pics of it a few years ago at Span Farm, it hasn’t improved since then 🙂 I’ve seen a lot worse tho and she’s restorable. I’m sure Nathan has an idea what she is/was. So i’ll put up my feet and wait.


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