Gunk-holing up the Weti River in a 1902 Logan – Revisited

So far there have been over 2,000 classic wooden boat stories featured on waitematawoodys & the viewing numbers (3,300,000) have grown from a dozen people to over 80,000. I have had some loyalists from day one but the big numbers have happened in the last 2 years – so not everyone will have been exposed to all the stories. Over the Christmas / NY period I have decided to take a peek back in time & feature some of the gems from the early days. Enjoy.

Have a great holiday & remember to take the camera / phone with you & snap a photo of any woodys you see. Email them to


Gunk-holing up the Weti River in a 1902 Logan Motor Boat

photos ex Jason Prew at the helm of Otira

Despite the CYA Launch cruise / picnic being cancelled Jason Prew & Nathan Herbert + crew decided to launch Otira, the 1902 Logan day boat at Gulf Harbour & explore the upper reaches of the Waiti River. They made it passed the Silverdale road bridge, which is an impressive distance, along the way they passed an ‘interesting’ array of vessels. Enjoy 🙂  As always – click on any photo to enlarge.

For reference see below a recent photo of Otira at Lake Rotoiti Wooden Boat Parade

5 thoughts on “Gunk-holing up the Weti River in a 1902 Logan – Revisited

  1. Took eldest daughter and her twins for a gunk-hole of our own on the Wade. Launched at Silverdale and rowed down to sight of chez Welsford. Then up to the pub bridge. Sad to see that the Whakatu is now tidal and took a few pix. Sad, remember her weight built. she was for sale at Bayswater when there were moorings in those happy daze. Lovely tug. Big Paxman diesel (not so nice).


  2. Some may be interested to know that the much neglected & rusting steel tug is the former Nelson Harbour Board tug WAKATU.
    WAKATU was built by A & G Price in Auckland in 1960 and went into service in 1962. She served the port well till 1985 when sold to Ron and Wendy Stevens of Havelock, as a fishing charter boat, but her draught was too great for low tide navigation in and out of Havelock so they sold it a couple of years later to a Bay of Islands man who wanted to turn it into a floating workshop for his marine work, — (it may have been a Mr Dave Skyrme).– It has now ended up in the Wade River. — KEN R


  3. I know she’s not a woody, but would love to know all I can find out about the old steel tug, with lots of rust, if anyone can fill in any blanks. — KEN R


  4. The bridge-decker lying at the “one berth marina” is a Roy Paris, and belongs to small-craft designer John Welsford, who leases the berth, shed, launching ramp and the other facilities from Chris Dickson. John lives aboard when he’s not doing things like helping a bloke sail a pram dinghy round Cape Horn
    Agree about the “G” word; I’d go for the traditional “ditch-crawling” 🙂


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