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The name Rosemary must be one of the most commonly used names for a wooden motorboat. Today’s Rosemary has just popped up on trademe , but the interior decorating style rings a bell with me, seen her before but can’t recall where & when.

According to the listing she was built in 1927 by Bailey & Lowe, measures 29.52’ & is powered by a 48hp diesel engine – that folks is all we know. Can someone remind me why this Rosemary is familiar ?

Thanks to Ian McDonald for the listing heads up.

3 thoughts on “Rosemary

  1. Ray, of course you’re right. Leon Warne’s ROSEMARY started life as a 26 footer but later pics seem to show her longer.


  2. Harold, the break in the sheer is right amidships on the Warne Rosemary and her transom is much fuller than this new one. I thought Leon’s build was about 36ft. l.o.a.


  3. Read the TradeMe entry where the vendor says ROSEMARY is her original name quite strenuously. I suppose it’s remotely possible that she’s the Leon Warne ROSEMARY of 1920, later prominent in gamefishing in the Bay of Islands, but surely not?
    If not, then the vendor’s tale is mighty suspect.


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