Colin B

Colin B 1

Colin B 2


Last weekends NZ Clinker exhibition at the Viaduct has ‘flushed’ a few clinker tales out of the bottom draw. 

Yesterday I was contacted by Rob Walker whose old friend, Colin Belcher, sent him the above photos of the 18’ clinker named Colin B. 

Colin believes that the boat was built for his father, Jack Belcher, c.1950/51 by a small boatbuilder (size of boat not height 🙂 ) in Ponsonby, possibly named McGeady. When launched it was powered by a Morris marine engine.

It was moored in Hobson Bay, nearest to the dinghy lockers in Ngapipi Road.

At Christmas time it was moored at Waiake Bay, to be close to their camping spot at Long Bay.

Colin commented that she was a seaworthy boat, & may have been involved in a tragedy when a man was drowned returning to Waikeke during a storm. Apparently the boat was purchased from his estate by the Takapuna Boating Club as a rescue craft.

So woodys – can we help Colin out & supply some more details on what became of Colin B. Back then she was a pretty looking clinker so hopefully a TBC member will recall her.

1 thought on “Colin B

  1. This looks like the same hull as what has been featured as a Jack Logan 18ft clinker, and also a Col Wild 18 ft clinker


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