ANTARES  + WIN More Tickets To The Auckland On The Water Boat Show



ANTARES  + WIN More Tickets To The Auckland On The Water Boat Show

I was contacted recently by Bryce Strong who had just discovered the WW site & it spurred him on to have a dig in the old photo album for some woody photos.

The photos above of the 34’ Supreme Craft ‘Antares’ show her back in Feb 2005, when owned by Bryce’s brother-in-law Ron Philips.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 1.17.59 pm

Two More Boat Show tickets to give away – today’s question below. All entries via email to by 6pm 28-09-2017.

To save your fingers, the people who entered yesterday but were unsuccessful, will go into today’s draw.

Q: Name one of the 5 Auckland On-the-water Boat Show sponsors

Ps yesterday’s winner was – Graeme Finch –  owner of the launch – ‘Te Arahi’


6 thoughts on “ANTARES  + WIN More Tickets To The Auckland On The Water Boat Show

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  2. How wonderful to see her is such good shape, she was a big part of my boating life.
    My dad was negotiating to have a sister ship built by Mac McGeady, when GAY DAWN unexpectedly came along, & he bought her instead, & yes, indeed old “Smithy” the radio operator/owner of the shore marine radio station at Port Charles, was a very coloured legend of his time to us all of that era, , with his very special standard comment to most of us, on many occasions through all his years of service to the boating community You “won’t have no bother mate.”
    I have some great colour movies of ANTARES taken in the 1950s/60s, & if Bryce likes to contact me, will happily swap with him. He can contact me on or 021 988 919. — KEN R


  3. Nice pics, brings back memories. The bookcase on the port side originally used to house a zc1 ex army transceiver, big bulky and heavy, one thing comes to mind is listening to Port Charles weather report 2045. How times have changed. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I would love to get in touch with Bryce Strong regarding Antares history and ownership.
    My email address is
    I would be extremely grateful for any info to add to my research, thanx.


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