Edwina (Rotomahana)at Wanaka



EDWINA (Rotomahana)

Its Spring !! summer is so close – so I thought we needed some stunning woody imagery to celebrate the day 🙂

It’s not often do we see a woody with such scenery and with snow in background. The above photos of the 1923, Bailey & Lowe – Edwina were taken by Roger Guthrie & show her on the beach at Waterfall Valley Outlet, on Lake Wanaka.
WW followers will know Edwina as John Pryor’s old Rotomahana. Now owned by Dean Weatherall.

You can see / read more on the launch at this link https://waitematawoodys.com/2016/07/05/rotomahana/

13-09-2018 Update – photo below ex Mike Trotter’s fb



I have had several requests for a recommendation on a classic friendly handyman, ideally with varnishing (Uroxsys) experience – anyone know anyone that does ‘odd-job’? Email me on waitematawoodys@gmail.com

11-09-2022 Update ex Chris Leech – in the photo below, location unknown, Rotomahana is flying the Devonport Yacht Club Commodore’s pennant – which commodore is also unknown.


3 thoughts on “Edwina (Rotomahana)at Wanaka

  1. That 1939 reporting number will be useful getting through the anti-submarine boom and nets without the risk of being blown out of the water by the Wanaka shore batteries.


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