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The above photos of Arima were emailed to me by Ken Ricketts & according to info attributed to her owner, she measures 36′ & was built in 1955 of planked kauri by Salthouse to a Colin Wild design.
Arima has a 110 hp. 6 cyl., Ford diesel that sees her cruising at 8.5 knots. with a top speed of 10 knots. Home port is Whangarei.

What else do we know about her & is this provenance correct?

9 thoughts on “Arima

  1. Yes her name is Arima and hard chine as I spent 19years scrubbing the bottom know it well


  2. Spent many a day with the owners son back in the early 80’s on Arima. Mostly out on the Gulf and a few trips at Christmas (after the rush) up around the Bay of Islands. We built the flying bridge. Not quite in keeping with the style but a great spot on a sunny day. It’s great to see her in good hands.


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  4. Martin, you said a potted history of her might be coming?

    I’ve just bought her and would love to know more of her history.

    And yes, Harold, she’s hard chine.


  5. Arima is her name according to one of her previous owners David Campbell-Morrison and she is hard chined. David says that he will write a potted history of the boat and include some missing previous owners, as well as near fatal accident when struck by a PWC at speed at Motuihe.


  6. As I understand it, ARIMA was designed and built by Colin Wild in 1953, one of his last designs. Bob Salthouse was an apprentice at the time working on the boat. The first owner was Joe Dent and subsequent owners included Noel Kitchen, Ken Archer (1974 ish), T Whillans (1977) and David Campbell-Morrison (1989). Her original engine was a 4 cylinder Ford, replaced by a 6 cylinder Trader.
    So her pedigree is superb.
    John Salthouse built several near-clones of course.


  7. There’s some truth there all right, but first, is she ARIMA or ARIMU, and is she hard chine?


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