Westhaven Haul Out

Westhaven 1968

Westhaven Haul Out – 1968

Heather & Keith Nicholson (H.D.M.L. Paea, P3552) are members of ‘NZ Car’ & came across on the facebook page the above photo (posted by Chris Burles) tagged ‘Street Scene – Westhaven 1968’.
The question of the day is – how many boats can we ID? The launch, center right, is obviously the RNZY’s tender Colville

11 thoughts on “Westhaven Haul Out

  1. Meant to say Bill that I don’t think the boat in the photo is Wayward, the cabin seems too short


  2. Northerner or Carmen? Also Bill, I knew Dad’s boat very well in fact I sold it for him to another lovely couple who had never been sailing. They had it for some time and never got into trouble. Under a subsequent ownership she came ashore and was if I recall quite badly damaged. She was repaired as I have seen her out sailing since. I am pretty sure her design was called a Whispers. Cheers


  3. The 2 people on Scott Colville look like the skipper, Arthur Finn, beside the mast and Scott himself seated on the side deck just aft. The dark car alongside is Arthur’s Morris 1800 land crab. I crewed on her with both of them for a good number of years. The mast was shortened after this photo was taken to improve appearance. The yacht between Northerner and Infidel looks like a K Class.


  4. Riethmaier came out with Count von Luckner on Seeteufel in 1938 as a photographer but jumped ship here because of his disenchantment with von Luckner, the Nazis and their quite blatant spying and propaganda activities.


  5. Neat photo, some good ones in this series, this one is “Archives NZ: Westhaven boat harbour, G. Riethmaier”.


  6. My father built a 32 foot Woollacott yacht in our back yard in Mt Albert and she was launched in 1968 at Westhaven by Flap Martyningo (not sure on the spelling) and his side kick Sid (If I remember correctly his last name was Handisides),and she was called “Wayward”. I cannot recall her design name but the plans gave the option of sloop or ketch rig, Wayward was sloop rigged. She had a raised foredeck and a short cabin , the yacht in the picture to the right of Coliville could well be her. John Woollacott also built for himself the same design however she was Ketch rigged.

    Cheers Bill C


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