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Little Tasman

Welly Woodys

Rob Uivel has been promising me some photos of his recently re-furbished 36′, 1928 Joe Slattery launch Mataroa  for some time, well last weekend the Wellington weather gods smiled & delivered up a near perfect day for a classic woody launch cruise – in the photos above we see Mataroa joined by Waiata (32′, 1913 built by David Reid), both boats had a jaunt around the inner harbour, finally anchoring and rafting up in Oriental Bay. After a pleasant swim and lounge around while heading home they spotted Little Tasman coming out of Clyde Quay marina. Fantastic to have the 3 beautiful classic’s together. All 3 woodys have been featured extensively on ww & you can see / read more on them by using the ww search box.

REMEMBER: This Sundays CYA Classic Woody Launch Parade & Riverhead Hotel Cruise. Non CYA boats welcome. RSVP (boat name & approx. crew numbers) to Angus Rogers    rsvp email link  Scroll down 2 ww posts to see details 😉

Included also below are photos of Prima Donna, which Rob feels bears some resemblance to an old Auckland boat called All Black.

27-02-2017 photo below of All Black dated 1910 ex Maxwell Uivel


9 thoughts on “Welly Woodys

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  2. The ALL BLACK pictured above was the third of four ALL BLACKs built for the Auckland passenger trade and owned by R Nixon. The first, second and fourth were built by Harvey & Lang and this one by Bailey & Lowe. She was built on the lines of their SYBIL and became the prototype for their 35 foot hull of which many were built.
    As for PRIMA DONNA, there’s a little doubt that Ernie Lane built her. The Baldicks claimed to have had at least some part in her building and say that Alf and Herman Baldick were responsible. Mind you that was 107 years ago!


  3. Prima Donna was built by Ernie Lane for the Baldick family who lived at Tory Channel and later in Picton. it was still in their family ownership up until the last few years when she was sold and moved to Wellington


  4. Marvellous!
    Where’s Clyde Quay Marina? I’m familiar with Chafers Marina on one side of the wharf, and the old Oriental Bay Boat Harbour on the other side, but Clyde Quay marina’s a new one on me.


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