Sandpiper – A Floating Motorhome



Sandpiper – A Floating Motorhome

While not an oldie, built 1986 by Hodemaker in Wellington, she is a woodie – & has been in the same family since new. This is a go anywhere boat & has circumnavigated New Zealand about ten times and is extremely seaworthy. So if you were looking for the equivalent of a motorhome to tour NZ by sea, this would be it. Sleeps eight people in two cabins, has a toilet and two showers (one inside and one outside), a diesel heater for those cosy winter nights, oven, cooker, microwave, a three way fridge and a large fridge/freezer on the foredeck. The deck is massive as you can see in the photos.

For the specs – she is 43.62′ long, planked in kahikatea, powered by a very economical 127hp 6LX Gardner, has a 12kva generator, weighs 20 ton net, holds 2,000 litres of fuel and 1,000 litres of water.
4sale on trade me. Thanks to Ian McDonald for digging out the name & builder.

3 thoughts on “Sandpiper – A Floating Motorhome

  1. I am always impressed by a ship whose builder and owners are not ashamed to show her structure. Covering it with synthetic stick on carpet is not for a real boat. Anyway ventilation is assured if it is uncovered.
    Being able to see the strength of the boat is an instant assurance to the crew. Moreover, a stringer within grabbing range is useful to hold on to in a roll and also when turning over in the night.
    Nice ship. Pricey.


  2. Yes a bit disparaging in the title for a boat, as we all know its yacht -launch-motorhome then tip off the perch -I still have a few yachts….


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