Paihia Wharf Launch Hire





Moana (middle)

Paihia Wharf Launch Hire

Photo above of the shed on the wharf at Paihia advertising the various boat rides available, most likely taken in the early > mid 1940’s.
The signs lists Korora, Aroha, Moana for hire. I have photos of Korora & Moana – do not have one of Aroha – any woodys able to help out & also confirm the correct boats/photos?
Photo ex A Turnbull Library

17 thoughts on “Paihia Wharf Launch Hire

  1. In 1926 Jack Williams and his son Bernard, got the cream contract from Ed.”chooky” Lane(which he had started in 1920 with “Dairymaid”) Jack and Bern ran for two years with “Korora” then it was taken over by Fuller Bros.Watty and Harry. Watty was later bought out by brother Ernie, father of Nev and Norm who made it A.E.F. and sons.


  2. Further to my previous comments, If you wish, I will give a fully detailed description of the SAGA, & note show the comparisons I can identify to the boat in the pic., on this post. — KEN R


  3. She is or was a very distinctive little boat (around 32 feet) — never saw another really like her, with her particular combination of her various characteristics all in the 1 boat. She was quite unusual overall. Her owner came to see my Dad several times, during construction, because he put an identical Leyland Diesel in SAGA, as my dad had put in JULIANA, & came for advice on this, initially. Saga & dad’s other boat, GAY DAWN were the only 3 boats that I’m aware of that ever had this particular model of engine (Model E96) –KEN R


  4. 2 little things — someone has misspelt KOROA ‘s name on an image as “KOROROA” & I’m almost certain it’s Maxwell’s SAGA behind KORORA anchored in the bay — fits her profile, as best as I can tell. Even though I haven’t seen her fro many years, since she was quite distinctive, & considering it’s in the middle distance, I feel the image fits her perfectly. — Harold, you know both Maxwell & SAGA, as well as I do, — what do you think? — KEN R


  5. I have a photo of “Moana” alongside Fullers Paihia-Russell car ferry barge with Neville Fuller loading cars. I also have several of “Aroha” when owned later by Bob Maynell, a pretty little thing


  6. More haste…. of course it was AROHA that was built by Percy McIntosh, not MOANA. Working on MOANA’s provenance at the moment….too many MOANAs!


  7. Grabbing time when I can; J.B. Williams’ MOANA was built by Percy McIntosh in Whangarei in November 1914 for O .R. Neumann of Russell. Williams bought her c1928. She was a 36 footer with a 16hp ‘Frisco Standard and carried 53 pax.


  8. Sorry to take a second bite at this but the MOANA at Curran Street is NOT the Bay of Islands passenger launch. This MOANA was built by Joe Slattery in 1912, a 30 footer for the Collie brothers of Devonport, miles too small to work as a passenger launch out of Russell as, of course, was the KORORA above.


  9. The KORORA in the image above is the Auckland Lobley-built KORORA not the J.B. Williams-owned Bay of Islands passenger launch built in 1928. They were just two of many KORORAs. Williams also ran MOANA and AROHA. Again, there were many launches of both names.


  10. Certainly looks like Greenbank but all those “settler’s launches” followed the same pattern and are hard to tell apart.


  11. Unless someone knows better, I’d be unsure that those names are of any known boats. Korora= penguin, Aroha and Moana are obvious and all 3 make for pretty common boat names. If I had 3 20ft cabin boats each with a Ford Consul shaft drive to hire, I would name them Korora Aroha and Moana too.


  12. The site of the bottom photo is Currant Street beach with Point Erin Park to the right. the construction work is that of making a road giving access to Westhaven. I presume the photo was taken in the mid 1930’s.


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