Kauri Speed Boat Barn Find




Kauri Speed Boat Barn Find

Gavin Bedggood has asked for help from ww to identify his recent barn find. The speed boat is 16′ 2″ & would have had the motor in the middle and the people at the back.  She way have been powered by a Dodge flat head 6 engine and then a flat head Ford V8 after that.
The distinctive V stern should be a give away to it’s history as it’s a little out of the normal. The bottom of the hull is double skinned with canvas between the layers and the sides are seam batten construction with very thin 7mm planks.  It looks to have been built by a talented amateur as their are few little signs that it was not professionally built.  It was blue at one stage then orange.
The previous owner had it stored inside for 27 years in the Waikato just out of Morrinsville. What Gavin acquired is just the ‘remains’ of the hull with none of the original fittings. Gavin plans to restore it with as many 1930’s period parts as he can, but power it with a late 1960’s 3.5 litre Rover V8.

Do any of the woodys recognize the boat & possibly be able to name her or any dates. Gavin feels it could have been built 10 years either side of 1930 based of the style.

More pictures & speculation can be found at this thread on the WoodenBoat magazine forum

3 thoughts on “Kauri Speed Boat Barn Find

  1. Hi,

    My Dad’s friend had a similar speedboat, painted orange and with a big in-board motor. It had ‘wings’ rising at the stern (seemed like that to a 6yr old)

    As a small child, I remember going from Martin’s Bay to Goat Island in it.

    What he did with it I have no idea. His name was John Wigley. My Dad’s name, John Turnwald.

    Hope this rings, tolls, a few bells.




  2. 10 years either side of 1945 rather than 1930 I would say. Unusual vee-stern however. Probably a stock design from Popular Mechanics or a similar US magazine. It’s been on the US Wooden Boat forum for a while without any clues appearing as to origin of design. The batten carvel is typical of US construction.


  3. At about the same time as this was for sale there was a mint one for sale on trademe with a toyota twin cam six for a steal


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