SEABIRD  28.6.16 - 1

photos & details ex ken Ricketts

Seabird is owned by Omaha boat builder Colin Brown who very recently bought her off Dave Gould, an ex New Plymouth long-liner who told  Colin he had owned her for a good many years & had bought her off another New Plymouth fisherman.

Seabird is 19′ long with a 7′ beam & powered by a crank handle start, 1 cyl Yanmar, salt water cooled diesel, – so no batteries or cooling systems to worry about.

Colin does not know a lot about her early history, except that she was built in 1940, in New Plymouth & used for longlining, most of her life.

Colin reports she has a little bit of rot in one plank, as a result of having been sitting for quite a period.

Any woodys able to fill in the gaps on her past.

1 thought on “Seabird

  1. Colin has just told me in a phone conversation, that he & his twin brother built a 24 footer over 2 years when they were only 15 to 17 years old in launched 1967, & fitted an an identical engine, bought in 1965, which means, almost certainly, that the present engine in SEABIRD, has been there since around that time. — She may well have had only one other engine. — KEN R


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