photos & details ex Dave Murphy via Zach Matich

OK woodys, today’s launch is the Lane built kauri hulled ‘Irene’ – 31′ long with a beam of 9’6″ & 2’10” draft. Other than that ww does not know a lot about her past. She is currently powered by  a 120hp, 6 cylinder D series Ford which was rebuilt 2012, with approx. $6,500 spent on her & has only done 100 hrs since then. You will see from the photos that she has all the things that make life easy on these old girls – auto anchor, gas fridge etc. If this is starting to sound like an advertisement, that is because Irene is for sale & at around $20k in my eyes is very good value + she has not been too mucked around with. Throw $5>10k at a good wood friendly boat builder & you would have a very smart classic. Not that there appears to be anything wrong with her now, as the architects say ‘the bones are there’.
Her owner Dave Murphy can be contacted on 09 439 8609

Can we uncover more about her past ? home at the moment is the Kaipara Harbour.

13 thoughts on “Irene

  1. Thank you for the information Harold, so glad we found it and now know it’s not just one of those family stories.


  2. Leo Weston was born in Australia c1888. He was a car dealer and taxi driver in Auckland 1912-1935ish. In 1926 he had the launch LULU but got IRENE built by Dick Lang in February 1927, probably this boat.


  3. Thank you Harold, looks like that’s the one! Do you have any other information about Leo Weston? It would be great to see the boat if we get to NZ again…


  4. Leo Weston had an IRENE during the period 1927 to 1934 when he sold her to Jim Francis of Otahuhu, mentioned before in WW in several contexts. Same boat I would think.


  5. I realise these are older posts but just came across them. My Aunt, in her 80s,insists there is/was a launch in NZ that was named after her mother, Irene Weston. Irene was born in NZ in 1898, she ended up in Australia but other family members remained in NZ. It is also said that this “Irene” was commandeered during WW2. Perhaps this is the vessel, however, we have no way of proving any of this, perhaps someone else out there can.


  6. Contact info has changed phone Dave on 0211861483
    She’s just been listed on trade me so give the man a ring,
    would be nice to see her end up in the hands of someone that appreciates her history.


  7. Harold will have her history but I can tell you that my grandfather George Franich brought her to the Kaipara for commercial fishing,she was powered with a flat head v8 and could go like the clappers, a diesel was later installed . He sold her to Peter Sunde as a part deal on the towboat Waiwera and 2 wooden barges with his brother John Franich.


  8. This boat deserves some good comments! Shes really ‘cute’ and looks awesomely practical. At that price, keep her at Milford or on a mooring and still afford to eat each week 🙂

    I really like the long sedan cabin and traditional styled windscreen. Chances are shes from a good known builder too, not that it really matters a damn. A great entry level classic that could serve someone for a long time


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