Shelly Beach NY Day Regatta

New Years Day Regatta Jan 1 1914

Remember Shelly Beach ?
photo by W.A. Price ex Historic NZ Photos ex A Turnbull Library

Shelly Beach, Ponsonby/Herne Bay, was a casualty of the Auckland Harbour bridge/motorway development. Back in 1914 it was the site of the New Years Day Regatta.
Any clever woodys able to ID the motor launch & any yachts?

6 thoughts on “Shelly Beach NY Day Regatta

  1. Sun and heat had nothing to do with it….for the ladies fainting was the fashion! Just exposing ones’ ankles was considered most unladylike and loose. And men were not gentlemen should they even contemplate venturing from their front door minus jacket and hat. How times have changed, those folk would turn in their graves if they could view us now.


  2. We were a civilized lot back then, I am sure the crew of Wairiki will be dressed in period costume at Mahurangi this weekend, particularly with a boatman in attendance to transport them ashore in his motor launch


  3. amazing clothes! hats, jackets, long dresses – gorgeous, but in summer? they must be so hot!


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