Chandos b


I photographed the above launch in West Bay, Rakino Island in early January. She is a rather big girl & I would be surprized if the flight deck was an addition, looks like its been there since new. If not then it’s a good ‘fit’.
Anyone able to enlighten us more on Chandos?

11 thoughts on “Chandos

  1. Not sure about the hull being timber. There were several round bilge GRP 40 hulls produced in the late 70’s off moulds from Compass Yachts or possibly Brian Walden on his own, Lidgard designed, & I think Chandos is one of these. The Cookson hulls, designed by Chris Robertson, were hard chine planing hulls, but very heavy needing lots of horses to perform.


  2. Yes she looks like one of the Cookson 40’s . The bridge is a definite later addition, though Brian Harkin is very good at them. Unless she was the plug there may be not that much timber in the hull….


  3. A lovely girl, well cared for, and domiciled Half Moon Bay. Owner is Alex Carpenter, and I believe she is a Cookson hull. Hardtop was done by Alex, by Harkens I think. Ford power and was in survey. Cheers


  4. Almost looks like a sistership to my TIARRI window styling & all — even the varnished coamings. — KEN R


  5. It is a Lidgard,I went on it 15 years ago.Belonged to Alex Carpenter from Howick.It was in survey,powered by Ford 6cyld diesel.


  6. I reckon she will be a Lidgard, along the lines of Lynnmar, Stok’in etc. (What does Stok’in mean? If it’s meant to be short for stoking, surely it should read Stokin’!)


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