Whats Hot In Wooden Boating – Coastal Rowing

Coastal Rowing – The Hot New Wooden Boating Activity

If you have not heard about coastal rowing & the St Ayles skiff movement you need to get out a bit more.

New Zealand’s history is full of coastal rowing journeys and races, many journeys were made out of necessity as basic well founded open rowing boats provided the backbone of transport around the countries many coastal ports, harbours and rivers, transporting all manner of goods, fishing and of course whaling. This lead on to racing and many open rowing boat races are listed in our history including in our Anniversary regattas throughout the country.

The New Zealand Coastal Rowing Association has been formed to promote and encourage the revival of coastal rowing in strong well founded open rowing boats not only for national races between teams fighting it out for victory but also journeys, adventures and exploration of our countries amazing waterways.

Why the St Ayles Skiff?

The NZCRA choose to embrace the international St Ayles skiff rather than a historical New Zealand design for one very simple reason –  the St Ayles skiff has since 2009 has become an international one design rowing boat and with over 100 built around the world it opens up the opportunity of international and trans Tasman racing and comradeship. Already there is a fleet of 10 skiffs in NZ.

For more details on the NZCRA & the NZ St Ayles fleet check out the website http://nzcoastalrowing.org/

ANNOUNCEMENT  – 2016 Kiwi Raid and Regatta – Jan 29th – Feb 12th

New Zealand’s first major coastal rowing event is The Kiwi Raid and Regatta 2016.

Its starts January 29th 2016 at Sandpit, and finishes fifteen days later in Auckland, see route chart below. Along the way there are lots of short adventures for sailors and rowers alike. There will be a two day St Ayles skiff regatta (short rowing races) at Whangaparoa in the middle. The event has attracted teams from around the world & will show case the sport of coastal rowing to New Zealanders. WW encourages woody boaters to take the opportunity to experience coastal rowing up close over this period – plan a day out or overnight to follow the event. More info & contact details here http://raidnz.org/

Whats a Raid ? A sail and oar adventure combining sailing and rowing. It involves a fleet of small boats capable of being rowed and sailed, exploring a coastline or inland waterway over several days, often with some competitive element.

(photos of the 2015 Australian event, courtesy of Nel Tyson)

17-01-2016 Update

‘Saint Helier’ NZ’s latest St Ayles skiff was launched yesterday morning at St Heliers Beach, where else 🙂


2 thoughts on “Whats Hot In Wooden Boating – Coastal Rowing

  1. Comment from Norman Pointon. (edited by AH)

    This post reminds me of what it was like in the 1850-60’s My great grandfather built the Long boat that is stored at the Settler’s Museum at Waipu.
    When they arrived on the sailing ship Breadalbane in 1857 ( they built her at Nova Scotia and sailed to Waipu) , the only way to get stores was to row/ sail to Auckland a journey that would take several days in the long boat. The return trip in a heavily laden boat was sometimes quite difficult and lengthy.
    He went to to build the wharves at Onehunga and Watipu as well as several of the smaller wharves at Auckland. No doubt much of the materials would have been transported by boats built by him
    It is good to see Coastal rowing back in vogue.


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