photo & details ex Michael O’Dwyer

Today’s photo is from the Napier Sailing Club & shows the launch Kohema on the clubs opening day in 1950. Of all the photos in the ww library this one would take 1st prize for the most people aboard 🙂

Can any woody tell us a bit more about Kohema?

04-06-2016 photos added ex Ronald Walker

12 thoughts on “Kohema

  1. Never heard of RIFF RAFF before, but great C & W track. — Loved it — — keep up the music content Alan, GREAT STUFF!! -p- KEN R


  2. Advice below from Karen & Ron Walker

    We owned Kohema in 2000, had her for approx. 5yrs at Mt Maunganui. We sold it to a young chap in Auckland. We have always wondered where the name came from. We understand she came from Napier and it was built in war time. We do have pic of her but can’t put our hands on them just yet.


  3. The jacket and tie dress code could really raise the tone around here these days. What say you AH? Next years Patio Bay perhaps, it would certainly make it easier to pick out the fellow owners from the general riff raff!


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