waitematawoodys t-shirts


waitematawoodys t-shirts

Printing is underway – just discovered that custom screen printing is a VERY manual process, reminds me of college art classes –  but the end result is very cool & has a long life.
I’m pushing the overseas orders out first & will start on the NZ orders soon – all well b4 xmas 😉
The new shirt & updated logo is looking great.

ps if you have not paid for your shirts yet, get onto it – paid orders ship first 🙂

pps printing outside to aid the drying

5 thoughts on “waitematawoodys t-shirts

  1. As more and more of these t shirts start making their way into the big wide world, you would hope to see assorted images of people sporting such shirts at famous landmarks and regattas from around the globe Alan.Kind of like the travelling gnome prank but cooler.


  2. Dear Troubled of Wairau Cove.

    I have met many jealous people in this world so expect a certain amount whenever I am seen in my finery. And besides, I was busy giving a newbie advice as to how he too can extend his Townson’s flying bridge in the worst possible way.


  3. Think I witnessed someone wearing one of these shirts painting primer over his beautifully stripped Kauri coamings at Milford the other day, should I send the varnish police a photo? or just let it go this time as he seemed young and has lots of clear finished timber inside and polished brass bling appearing on her?
    Troubled of Wairau Cove


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