photos & details ex Peter Campbell

Corona was built by G.Curnow & M.V. Wilton in Nelson & launched at the beginning of 1938.
She was built for H.I. Dimock who sold Corona typewriters in Nelson, hence the name of the vessel.
Peter’s grandfather purchased the boat approximately mid 1940’s & she has stayed in the family since. 70 years of ownership is very impressive. Her specs are – 38′ LOA, Beam 10′, Draft 3′ 9″ & with 6′ Headroom.
The hull is kauri carvel construction & her original engine was a petrol Chrysler Ace. These days powered by a Ford diesel 2725E, which sees her cruising at 8 – 9 knots, max 11knots.

Peter reports that Corona is a very comfortable, economical boat & perfect for the use it gets now, Abel Tasman, D’urville Island & the Marlborough Sounds.

Legend has it Corona was featured in a NZ boating magazine in February 1938 page 9. Does anyone know what magazine?. Peter love a copy of the article or better still would anyone a copy of the magazine they would part with. So woodys – can anyone help ID the magazine &/or supply a scan of the article / or the magazine?

14 thoughts on “Corona

  1. Specially un-linked? Can’t remember but It was a haul out of 3 boats in perhaps the ’40s With Margurite(sp?) at the back of the 3


  2. Thanks Harold. I have a copy of the page (hence why I knew the date and page) I’m quite keen to search for a whole magazine, but never knew which one I was looking for. This will be a good help, thank you, cheers Peter


  3. I believe Corona was the only one. It was the first one like it that Curnow & Wilton built and just after Corona came out of the shed, the shed was totally destroyed by fire. All the plans / jigs etc were lost.
    C&W tried to make more, such as the Miss Bedford of Solly’s, but they looked different.
    I’m not sure whether the plans/designs were ‘in house’ with C & W, but I’ve got no knowledge of possible links with Morgan.
    Certainly it is a bit like one of your own kids, all kids look basically the same with Head body arms and legs, but we can easily tell the difference. I’ve never seen another boat that I have said, “that boat looks like Corona!”


  4. Photo on NatLib of what would surely be a sister at Lake Manapouri 1950. Almost the same aside from slightly swoopy-er bridge to saloon transition and larger saloon windows. Also, where is that ‘Mystery boats’ post with Lady Una, unknown slack-bilged yacht and unknown launch like this one?


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