Riverhead Hotel Classic Cruise

Riverhead Hotel Classic Cruise
photos by Alan Houghton & Hamish Ross

Yesterday was a special day – the AB’s did what we all had been hoping they would – won the rugby world cup. After a very early start, up at 4.00am , 1/2hr after the whistle blew we were slipping the lines & heading off on a CYA launch cruise to the Riverhead hotel. A combination of the rugby & the Auckland Marathon (blocking waterfront streets) saw only a small number of classics making the trip up the  river but a good number traveled by car for the brunch gathering.
As always a great trip.

Some stunning photos over here http://buggeritweareoff.com/2015/11/02/classic-boat-day-out-to-riverhead/

6 thoughts on “Riverhead Hotel Classic Cruise

  1. Hi Alan
    What is the name of the boat on the right of the photo PT1200197?
    Kind Regards
    Stuart Goodare


  2. Nice detailing on the bow of Johns Jeunesse, and good to see that the crew of Raindance enjoyed a healthy fruit smoothie on the trip up. 🙂


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