photos & details ex Bob Van Pierce

Following on from yesterdays post on the Logan motor-sailer ‘Eva’ which was pictured tied up at the wharf at Moturekareke Island & had the Logan mullety ‘Cora’ alongside, I have been sent a selection of stunning photos of Cora at the island in 2010 & under sail. Bob has owned her for 23 years (since 1992) & purchased her from a close family friend of Ivan Anderson, who inherited her from Charlie Hansen in 1944. Charlie being the resident ‘hermit’ on the island that unsuccessfully shuttled ‘Rewa’ as a seawall. Bob has done a wonderful job returning Cora to a look more fitting a 100+ year old lady. Harold Kidd told Bob that Cora was one of the few mullettys that flew topsails. Also included is one of Cora sailing along with SY Nina, that sadly went missing in the Tasman with the loss of all crew on board. This photo was taken during the Russell Tall Ships and Classic race.

3 thoughts on “Cora

  1. We have been photographing Cora through the years when attending the tall ship regattas. We can now identify her and appreciate her story. 🙂
    That was a pleasant gesture taking her back Moturekareka. The photos are a treat thank you.


  2. Cora. Not Coro…

    Ben from his cell phone. On 11/06/2015 1:07 AM, “ – the classic wooden boat blog”


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