photo & details ex Baden Pascoe

Following along from last Sundays post, the photo above shows the 1904 Logan built Eva paying a visit to Charlie Hansen in 1936 on Moturekareka Island, the wrecked hull of Rewa can be viewed in the background.  Robert Patterson is standing at the end of the wharf and his crew Keith Penny in the white pants standing on the sailing vessel. On their return trip from Auckland they delivered supplies to Hansen and he gave them the wheel and other items off the Rewa. Baden understands it is now/was in the Onerahi Cruising club.
Eva was steamed to Auckland as Robert had installed a new K3 Kelvin diesel of 66hp. The agents were Vivian and Leo Walsh who had their business above Fosters in the AET building (Fosters). The brothers insisted that they inspect the installation so the warranty would be honoured.
Shame the government did not back them when they requested funding so they could set up an aircraft manufacturing business. The Government thought they were just silly young men mucking around with a vision that had absolutely no future 😉

Todays ww task is – what happened to Eva & anyone able to ID the yacht alongside?

Update below from ww follower ‘Ben’ ex last Sundays Rewa post

“I’ve been told by the owner of the 28ft Mullety (Logan Circa 1910) Cora, that she was once owned by the owner of the Island Moturekareka at the time of the scuttling, and that the principal reason for the ‘seawall’ was to provide him with an anchorage for Cora.
Cora’s now in the Bay of Islands, in good shape with a close-to-original gaff rig on her.
Whether this is her in the photos, I’m not entirely sure, but when the present owner bought her, she had a similar profile to the vessel in your photo.”

11/06/2015 Photo ex Geoff Brebner

11 thoughts on “Eva

  1. And the “LADY EVA” is high up in a paddock overlooking Helensville. Hull still fairly well intact


  2. EVA ended up in a paddock in Paeroa.Up until very recently her hull was more or less intact,in my opinion with a huge injection of money she could possibly have been salvaged. Only the basic hull remaining, no upperworks. Very shallow in her depth ,very pretty nonetheless. She was named after “Skipper” Patterson’s wife, a later vessel Skip had built was the larger LADY EVA (q.v)


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