Rewa – the wreck. Sailing Sunday

REWA – the wreck photos ex Robert Brooke The 3 photos above  of Rewa at Moturekareka Island are from the Jack Brooke photo collection, sent in by son,Robert.Taken not long after she was beached. Anyone able to ID the motor launch in the photos ? a little trick – if you click on the photo & them click on ‘view full size’, then move the magnifying glass icon over the photo & click again (once only) you will get a really good look 😉 To read more about the island & the wreck click this link Click the video link below to view the wreck today

Photo below of the AHB tug Te Awhina positioning Rewa at her grave site. Not well positioned as it turned out 😉 The photo was sent in by Russell Ward who received it from the late Bruce Fletcher & was taken by his father.

Photo below taken by Ken Ricketts in the 1950’s


7 thoughts on “Rewa – the wreck. Sailing Sunday

  1. Hi I have CORA for the last 23 years so far, we bought her from a close family friend of Ivan Anderson in 1992.Still with many of her original fittings though not her Centerboard which was removed in 1915, We have removed the fishboat cabin , and replaced with something much closer to original and rigged as Gaff cutter setting a yarded Top’sl .Harold kidd informed me that Cora was one of the few Mulletty s that flew tops’ls,!
    In 2010 we sailed Cora to Auckland for a spot of racing and on route anchored her once again behind the wreck of the REWA. Bob


  2. That’s correct. Charlie Hansen had CORA at Moturekareka but she still had her rig and so is not the launch in the image. After Charlie died in 1944 she went by his will to Ivan Anderson of Russell, a fishing inspector, who renamed her MOEHAU and made her into a motor-sailer.


  3. I’ve been told by the owner of the 28ft Mullety (Logan Circa 1910) Cora, that she was once owned by the owner of the Island Moturekareka at the time of the scuttling, and that the principal reason for the ‘seawall’ was to provide him with an anchorage for Cora.
    Cora’s now in the Bay of Islands, in good shape with a close-to-original gaff rig on her.
    Whether this is her in the photos, I’m not entirely sure, but when the present owner bought her, she had a similar profile to the vessel in your photo.


  4. Another image taken about the same time is available on page 98 of ‘Historic Auckland and Northland’ by Richard Wolfe, published in 2011 by David Bateman Ltd.


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