Mystery Girl

photo & details ex John Pryor

Mystery  Girl was recently bought up from Invercargill by Reuben Zylstra of Kawau Cruises, the cabin top was cut off in order to fit her into a container.
Reuben has no hard facts as to her history but has been told that she worked as a fishing boat out of Bluff for a number of years. The number T.B.C.691 on my bow must mean something to the ‘Work Boat’ guys?
Anyone able to shed any light on her history ?

Update 08-06-2015

The photo below was taken in 1999 by Chris Rabey, sent in by Russell Ward, that shows you what she looked like when fishing. She would have been converted to private use sometime ago, as her original BF8188 rego was allocated to another boat, Loyal, and when Chris looked at a photo of that one, it was no resemblance to Mystery Girl.

15 thoughts on “Mystery Girl

  1. Some extra information – T.b.c stands for Te Anau Boat Club. As for the black fishing boat below, it’s a different boat. It is a 40ft boat known as Mystery. She was built on Stewart island by Ned Johnson in the late 1880’s. She is currently moored at Greenpoint (near Bluff) in a sad state, awaiting restoration.


  2. I remember Mystery Girl when she was fishing out of Bluff in 1975, she was a very smart little trawler, had a pale green hull with yellow bridge. Dion Fishing Co owned her then, she carried the rego BF8188, but was converted much later to a launch and the rego was transferred to another boat. Sending a pic of her by separate email, to Russell Ward


  3. Yes, the photos were taken at Sandspit shortly after she was rolled out of the container.
    Mystery girl is currently in Lidgards old shed at Smelting House Cove Kawau


  4. Each of the Leanders carried one of the GRP motorboats as well as their normal seaboats. They were built at the dockyard and sold off as the Anzacs took over.


  5. Leander frigates?? Musta shrunk in the wash! 🙂 I forget just what those little motor boats were designated, but they were part of the HMNZS Philomel establishment.


  6. Reuben Zylstra as a local Kawau lad started a water taxi business on the island as a teenager a number of years ago maybe ten or twelve ? two of his first boats he named Sinbad one & two, both ex RNZN Leander frigates. A genuine young Kiwi entreprenuer.


  7. Am almost certain the pics were taken at the Sandspit — intriguing boat — wonder if she has an engine, & if so what it is. — KEN R


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