Islay II

photo ex Dean Wright

The photo of the above launch, which from the name board appears to be ‘Islay II’, was taken by Bay of Islands based professional photographer Dean Wright,  so the photo location is up ‘North’.

Can anyone confirm the ID of the vessel & supply more info on her?  I could be wrong but I seem to recall she was based at Bayswater Marina a couple of years ago.


6 thoughts on “Islay II

  1. i think that Nathan is on the correct track. When I was told it was a Parris design I struggled to find any identifying Parris features. I feel the seller may have used the provenance of Parris to make a bit more money


  2. She reminds me a bit of Pleasure Lady if I was to imagine how she is Parris, but then she hasn’t got the proper sized cockpit or scalloped dodger coaming/roof of a usual Parris. She has the same dodger style as an unattractive boat that was/is on the hard at Bayswater on a trailer for the last couple years for sale also listed as Parris.


  3. She too is moored in Te Uenga Bay, part of Parekura Bay. The owner who has had her for about two years was told that she in fact was a Roy Parris


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