Mera – 1956 > 2015


Launch Day – 1957

Late 1950’s > early 1980’s

January 2015 at Great Barrier Is.

2015 – Sandspit

MERA – 1956>2015

Photos ex Jack Algie. Details ex Jack Algie, Brian Algie & Mat Tickle – via Ken Ricketts. Edited a lot  by Alan H

Mera was built on the Algie family farm, adjacent to the waters edge at Algies Bay (their own bay) by Steve & Merv Algie over a 2 year period & was launched Labour weekend Saturday, 1957.
 Quite a feat for two farmers who had not been trained as boat builders, to create this 36’ loa, 10’6″ beam, 2’9″ draught launch that features a superb (Kens eyes) flare in the bow & lovely shear aft. A difficult task to achieve, even for the professionals. My design origins are unknown but both Jack & Mat make mention of Colin Wilde & Bill Couldrey having been influences (I suspect vicariously. AH). The name Mera is an acronym ex ‘Mary Elizabeth Roose Algie’.

She was originally powered by a 4 cyl. 60hp. Ford diesel up until she was slipped for a major refurbish & overhaul c.1998, which took about 15 years to complete, after a number of gaps in progress.
 The original engine was replaced with a 6 cyl. Ford diesel during this lay-up.

Mera is currently hauled out at the Sandspit Yacht Club hardstand & Ken reports that Mat has done a magnificent job of splining & glassing her & she looks simply stunning. Unfortunately the original varnished coamings went many years ago, this aside she is virtually exactly as she was built & still in the same family, another rarity for her age.

Ken would like to acknowledge the input & support of Jack Algie (nephew & son of the builder/s of Mera), Brian Algie & Mat Tickle. 
 Special thanks also to Jack for sharing his photo collection, which starts in 1956 (half way through construction) up to the present era.

Note: Ken commented that he has had various associations with the Algie family since 1944-45 & has been aware of Mera since new. He & a great many boaties who frequented Bon Accord Harbour, Kawau Island, around New Years Day, for the KYC regatta & the New Years night prize giving / dance, from 1957 onwards, will recall Mera arriving day & night, loaded to the gunnels, with musicians, onlookers, stores, ballroom dancing enthusiasts & of course the Algie’s own families.

Sunburst Dinghy – In the photo below , taken c.1957/58 there is a “Sunburst” sailing dinghy visible at the stern of Mera. This Jack A. advises is the very first Sunburst ever built by Don Brookes & designed by Jack Brookes & she was being sailed that day by Don Scotts.

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  1. Caesar Roose Jr’s younger sister was Mary Roose (b1893) who married Eric Taylor. Mary Elizabeth Roose (b1876), who married John Durness Algie, was the daughter of Elijah Roose, Caesar’s uncle and so she was Caesar’s aunt.


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