Penelope – Sailing Sunday

PENELOPE – Sailing Sunday

When I read the Jan/Feb2015 issue of the kiwi lifestyle magazine – NZ Life & Leisure the article on the 40′ classic K-Class yacht ‘Penelope’ & her Marlborough Sounds cruising grounds jumped out & not just because its a great read. The spectacular photography we kind of expect from NZL&L but the boat friendly recipes  were a  big bonus for me.
Read below to meet the Shearer family & have a peek at life aboard. WW thanks them for sharing with us.
Today’s post has been reproduced with the permission of Fairfax Media. The spectacular photos are from the camera of Tessa Chrisp & the words from the typewriter of Lee-Ann Duncan. Check out the magazine at their website



18 thoughts on “Penelope – Sailing Sunday

  1. It’s my turn.
    As a kid I seem to remember Ma cooking delicious one pot meals for the family on either of our mulletys or 18fter. Mum would say it was pot luck as to the success of the color coding system painted on the tinned food and what fresh food we had left to add. Pop corn was a wonderful treat aboard. And mum always complained dad stored the kero too close to the spuds. I don’t think I noticed, I would have been two or three then and as long as we were dished up the patiki or yellow tail we had caught that day food realy wasn’t what it was about. I have tried to recreate those tasty one pot meals but to no avail.
    Today George and I hunt and gather – this takes the better part of the day up. A white wine is just superb after the days dive a bear for George. Fresh cray in a slice of Russell’s dollar a loaf – fresh bread.
    A net hangs in the galley full of fruit and veges that won’t fit in the fridge.
    Fresh oysters snapper big old fish heads scallops mussels onion garlic potatoe pepper makes soup in the winter.
    The four burner separate oven and grill makes a yummy roast and warms the ship in the winter, pavlova for a birthday treat, a fresh cake when a long passage is rough or boreing.
    Thin slices of snapper onion lemon tomatoe capsicum pepper salt coconut cream taken from the fridge makes a tasty filling dish in between times.
    George cooks a mean crispy flour coated filet of fish, side salad and portion of chips and there’s left over fish for breakfast.
    When ah-la -natural is exhausted only then are spiced up ingredients added.
    Rum and coke on the way back into the bay in the evening.
    When in port George cooks the steak that I would otherwise wreck and 80% of the evening meals while I hang in at the workshop working.


  2. Well, I have to admit to being bit more primitive in the feeding department. I don’t get great satisfaction labouring loud and long cooking for myself. Watties tinned stuff, Back Country dehydrated food that trampers use, surprise peas, powdered mashed spuds, eggs, rice, spuds, onions, bread, salami, Hellabys corned beef, long life milk, $1 a loaf white bread from New Whirrled -stays fresh feeling for weeks, cornflakes heaps of fruit and beer -that is about it. You get the idea.
    Crude but it suits a rough sailor. Wouldn’t suit everybody. No elecktrikery on board -all kero lights; so turn in early. It’s a man’s life.
    That maybe why I sail solo.


  3. PAMELA!! Only you and my mother would say that and don’t confuse a slap with a spanking.
    If you bring Romany over we can lift her boiler, George and James have a plan of attack, since we are pinching for room through the doorway.


  4. Although you followed us round the north this summer, next year we may be following you if that is a sample of the Trinidad on board fare!


  5. See, Pamela. No spankings necessary. I am probably correct. Barb is doing so well as cooke. It would be futile to swap places if baked beans and saussies were the outcome. Better me topside with sandpaper and varnish brush in hand…. Anchovies OK with me.
    BTW Penelope was owned by Lawrences in the the ’60s. Did they have her built? Stylee ship.


  6. Getting back to things normal, if anchovies are to ones liking try the Shearer girls potato, egg and parsley salad. I made it last eve to accompany sweet Thai chilli chicken….delicious.


  7. Whiskey and milk after morning swim, I’m told was the way on Valhalla and co.


  8. And then? Owing to the fact that most of our friends are health and fitness fanatics we set to and make up a second brew.


  9. Mulled wine is far healthier. Two bottles of red, sliced orange, cinnamon stick, whole cloves and one star anise. Warms the body and soul.


  10. There’s a thought for a CYA gethering, MD. A gourmet gathering of true believers rafted up somewhere nice. All the blokes sitting in the cockpit sculling suds and spirits while the sheilas are below cooking up Blue Cod with Puffed Black Rice Crus……. Arrrgh stop hitting me, dear. Arrrgh, that hurt!!!!!
    Might have to be baked beans with sausages.
    As the great Bard put it: “The best laid plans of mice and men often get stuffed up”!
    Nice thought tho…..


  11. Air hellaire! The rumblings abdominal were simply phenomenal after reading that.
    Gin and camomile iced tea? Bai Jove, that might do the trick after the rum and/or scotch has done its stuff!


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