Whangateau Traditional Boat Yard – Small Boat Regatta

Whangateau Small Boat Regatta Invitation – Saturday 28th March

Once again the Whangateau Traditional Boat Yard is throwing its doors open & hosting one of their legendary regatta’s.
These events are a great low key opportunity to combine a beach picnic with a fun sail, row or chug around the bay/ harbour.

Bring your own wooden boat or take a turn in one of the boat yards (if you are an experienced skipper). Remember to bring a life jacket.

BBQs and sausages will be available from 12.30pm onwards or bring a picnic lunch.
HIGH TIDE at 3.00 pm  – Sailing starts just as soon as the tide is in far enough, around 1.00pm.
Do stay away from entrance of the harbour.

It takes a lot of time & money to keep the old boats afloat so please pop a few gold coins in the pocket for the BBQ & boat use.

REMEMBER: its a working boat yard so please mind yourself around the yard and out on the water.

If you have not been before click this link to view past visits https://waitematawoodys.com/?s=Whangateau&submit=Search

3 thoughts on “Whangateau Traditional Boat Yard – Small Boat Regatta

  1. What a lovely afternoon, thanks Pam and George for your easy hospitality and for bringing like minded sailors together. We even got some reasonable speed up a few times out past the point.


  2. Wow! What a neat day. A warm thank-you from George and I to all those that came and made it a Fantastic day.
    Not a drop of rain just sunshine and a light breeze, we had more visiting boats than we have had yet. And neat to see you Alan with your camera to record a pretty special day for the boat yard. Ta for the Yummy home made sauce.


  3. Hi there!
    Looks like some wispy rain and cloud heading our way. I was going to call the regatta off but we have had such pleasant response for the regatta/ picnic to go ahead, so it shall.
    We have a few of the boats set up- an IA, the cadet boats a few zdys to sail or take the punt for a row or just come and eat sausages, your very welcome to.
    And oh, George has fired up the pop boat.
    See what tomorrow brings…


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