Mahurangi / Warkworth c.1961

Mahurangi / Warkworth c.1961

photos ex Ken Ricketts

Todays post show 2 photos taken c1961, most likely at Xmas & show a collection of launches tied up at the wharf at Warkworth. The really neat thing is hat most of these craft are still a float today & in as good, if not better condition.
It would be nice to see some of those varnished coaming again 😉

Several of these launches will be at todays Mahurangi Regatta & weather & numbers interested – maybe making the trip up the river to Warkworth for lunch.

Ken has attempted to ID the launches – see below.

Front row Gay Dawn, Ken can’t identify outer 2 boats.

Top left row, tiny bit of bow too small to indentify next to wharf next is
Cherokee & next is Menai. Ken can’t identify outer boat of that group


Bottom left Gay Dawn, Ken can’t identify the other 2 boats.
Next row to right is Faye at wharf, next to her is Royal Falcon & next is
Cherokee & then Menai. Ken can’t identify the outer boat.

Far row to right –  boat at wharf is Southern Belle, may have been owned by Stan
Blundell, the outer boat next to her is Lady Karita.

Boat at anchor Reelemin II

6 thoughts on “Mahurangi / Warkworth c.1961

  1. BTW, Love your bit about the lady writing with both hands Robin, wonder if there will be any comments on that?????– KEN R


  2. I pointed out to Alan that the original negative was printed upside down causing this to happen & he said he would leave it to see who picked up on it — GAY DAWN had the helm, which you can see through the bridgedeck window, on the LHS & if you look at the 2 pics of the boat next to GAY DAWN you will see that the flying bridge helm is on the LHS in 1 pic & RHS on the other. It is obviously the bottom pic that was incorrectly printed. Well done Robin, I wondered how long it would take until someone picked up on it.
    The tiny piece of the bow of the boat you can see in the mid LHS of the top pic is the ROYAL FALCON — KEN RICKETTS


  3. Photo 2 is reversed isn’t it?.
    The boat on the outside of Gay Dawn with the distinctive mezzanine, flying the RAYC burgee, is now pointing the other way. (and the lady in the polka dot dress is now writing left handed).


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