photos ex James Groenhart – details ex owner & Harold Kidd.

Ballerina was built in 1951 by ‘Lidgard’ (Ngapipi Rd ? ) & is of kauri carvel construction. Her first owner was C.B.H. Miller of George St., Morrinsville. She is 28′ x 9′ x 2’6″ and had a 100hp Osco Ford V8 petrol engine (Mercury 239 cu in) when launched. Miller shifted to live at 6 Bongard St., Mission Bay about 1957 and sold her sometime after 1961. In 1973 she was owned by L.G. Armstrong of 12 Saltburn Road, Milford and kept at Milford. Ballerina is now powered by a 60hp Ford diesel.
James & his partner Laura purchased her in November 2014 & after some minor repairs at Lees Boat Builders & a new timber mast by Colin Brown, she is being regularly used &

As the photos above show, she is a very pretty classic.  As I said on Monday, its hard to get a sub 30′ boat to look proportionally ‘right’, Ballerina looks right 🙂

03-06-2015 Photo below at 2015 Mahurangi Regatta

9 thoughts on “Ballerina

  1. Murray There was a small launch called Marama on the Manukau in the 80s She was around 18 to 20 ft She had a planked bottom and plywood from the chine up. Powered by a Vauxhall Velox Six. She was owned by Phil Jones who I run into from time to time. I will ask him what became of her. Possibly a photo of her at the Manukau Cruising Club


  2. That Jorgensen launch in Milford once starred in a local TV programme set in the sounds, when she arrived in Milford was in a parlous state with many patches under the chine. It looks as if someone has grabbed the bull by the horns and is really determined to save her.
    One small ship that I would like to find is the Marama ex Kohi patrol boat from the sixties and early seventies. Looked like a Parris but don’t think she was??


  3. Nope sorry nothing like it, the lidgard hull is far more refined, and dare I say it stronger- owned I think by Dave (Jasper) Roberson


  4. Re Ballerina, there is a near sister in Milford Creek, and I agree the proportions are good, many of the small ones look great from the outside at rest but in reality inside they are a deluxe home for the diesel with little room for anything else.


  5. Hi If anyone has any info and pics about Mac McGeady (my Grandfather) and the launches he built, I’d really appreciate it.

    Kind Regards Karen M. 😃

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