Sailing Sunday

Week-end Crusiing Yacht Race to Waiheke Island
Photo ex Simon Smith, courtesy of the Sir George Collection.

A collection of yachts from both the Akarana Yacht Club & Ponsonby Cruising Club, in a combined race to Matiatia, Waiheke Island.
Photo taken on a Saturday shortly after the start of the week-end cruising race.
Whats the yacht in the forefront? Extra points if you can name the yachtsman stowing the tender 🙂


And as a wee extra check out the link below (click blue type – The Racing Tender) to Classic Yacht TV & watch the newly restored American schooner Kelpie of Falmouth, designed by Francis Sweisguth, raced for the first time after her 17 month restoration in Cornwall. The event is the 2014 Pendennis Cup.
Note – Kelpie of Falmouth is ‘just’ the racing tender ……………….. the mother ship is the legendary schooner, Mariette.

The Racing Tender

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 4.57.43 AM

3 thoughts on “Sailing Sunday

  1. I don’t know if the previous comment was a joke but she’s too small for an A class. Lovely boat.
    Don has been puzzling over it for a couple of days and I have done some looking up and we think she is C8 `Gloriana’. Perhaps I should have said glorious boat.


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